Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dinner @ Bangkok Jam Great World City

Had dinner at Bangkok Jam - Great World city outlet (refer below for the location).

1 Kim Seng Promenade
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6732 4523

Opening Hrs:
Mon - Fri (11.30pm-3pm lunch, 6pm-10pm dinner)
Sat & Sun (11.30pm-10pm) 

Had a long queue when we arrived at Bangkok Jam, we waited for around 20 mins.
The decorations of Bangkok Jam restaurant.
I like their colorful posters on the wall as well as the furniture which make the place a little westernize and very different from normal Singapore restaurants style.

About Bangkok Jam -Step into Bangkok Jam, and you will fall in love with the restaurant’s refreshing take on Thai dining—from its modern bistro-styled interior to its cosmopolitan treatment of Thai fare. It embraces Asia’s “City of Angels”, better known as Bangkok, and its metropolitan qualities that make it a melting pot of culture, style, language, and cuisine.

By weaving Western spices and cooking styles with classically Thai spices, herbs and cooking methods, Bangkok Jam dishes out contemporary Thai and pan-Asian cuisine that is unique yet familiar. Some hot favourites that will have you coming back for more is its juicy and flavourful Peek Gai Tod or crispy chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and fried with pandanus leaves. Then there is also its appetite-whetting Tom Yum Soup that is rich in flavour and filled with fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect dish to fire up your palate for even more exciting dishes to come.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk - Definitely a must experience of Bangkok. Me, my friends & family really enjoyed our Tuk Tuk journeys, they are fast, fun and convenient!! Certainly cheaper than taxis and a quicker way of getting around the city.

We ordered:
1) Yellow Curry Chicken rice - $12.90
2) Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Basil - $11.90
3) Stir-fried Kway Teow with Chicken - $11.50

Our dessert for tonight:
Red ruby with coconut ice-cream $7.50 ^_^ Yummy!!!

This is our first time dining at Bangkok Jam, we enjoyed ourselves with the food, ambiance and good service from the waiters and waitress. Something I like about the food in Bangkok Jam is they are not oily and with a very pleasant taste. My favorite is the Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Basil (although I find it a little too spicy) and of cos the dessert -Red ruby with coconut ice-cream. It reminds me of the good memories I had for my Bangkok trips.

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