Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aloe Soothing mask review

Received LEADERS InSolution Mask - Aloe Soothing skin renewal mask (25 ml) suitable for all skin types. Made in Korea.

Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask, which provides:
  •  Skin hydration, skin soothing, helps calm & balance irritated skin
  •  Relieves skin stimulation fast with its Aloe extract which helps skin soothing and activation.And it also soothes skin effecitvely through water supply of Cactus extract
  •  Effective for soothing a sudden skin trouble or sensitive condition without stimulation
  •  Paraben-free & Dermatological tested

How to use:
1) Cleanse your face and dry it, then refine your skin texture with toner.
2) Apply the mask on your face and hold it 15-20 mins while taking a rest.      
3) Take off the mask and tap your face till essenceis fully absorbed

My review:
I love how hydrated my skin feels after using this. It give my skin a huge moisture boost, deeply moisturize, smoothen and soften my skin! Best of all it is very soothing and calming especially to those redness skin and doesn't sting the skin. It does its job well ^_^ Experience it yourself now!

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