Friday, February 17, 2012

Wonton Noodles - Olive Tree Restaurant

Saw this highclass wonton noodles at Channel 8 show 《面对面》Just Noodles episode 1 aired on Channel 8 at 8 p.m. Olive Tree Restaurant is conveniently located at Bugis - Intercontinental hotel. This highclass wonton noodle is cooked by Celebrity Chef Eric Neo.

This wonton noodles selling at $18 ++

Look at the juicy big and firm...ahha

My Review:

This wonton noodles a bit different from the one selling at normal hawker center. It is the decadent Lobster Wonton Noodle with home-made honey-glazed char siew, scallops, prawns and topped with spicy X.O. sauce. I like the variety ingredients like the scallops and fresh prawns and most importantly is the super big dumpling. This really left me a deep impression I like the firmness and they are very tasty. Moreover the soup is just simply too nice which after drinking it I do not feel thirsty...make me feel like having the second bowl. ^_^

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