Friday, February 17, 2012

Candy Doll facebook - welcome gift

I just received welcome gift pack from Candy Doll facebook. I am one of the first 200 who like Candy Doll facebook page and send my contact.

Thanks CandyDoll !

Some background of Candy Doll:

CandyDoll first developed with the Cheek and Lip series followed by Lipstick and Mineral Powder lines. Ms Tsubasa
(top Popteens model in Japan, her popularity encouraged many pops fan and teenagers to follow her fashion style and makeup trend) creates all different kind of makeup techniques, styles, looks and trends by using the most basic CandyDoll Color Cosmetics.

CandyDoll is now available exclusively in Watsons selected stores at all the Kawaii Corner.

Take a look at this lovely gift pack:

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