Thursday, June 6, 2013

NG AH SIO -Bak Kut Teh

Went to NG AH SIO -Bak Kut Teh this afternoon to have our lunch. 

NG AH SIO- Rangoon Road outlet:
Address: 208 Rangoon Road, Hong Building Singapore 218453
Tel: +65 6291 4537

Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Sundays: 7am – 10pm. Closed on Mondays.

 There was a queue when we arrived at Ng Ah Sio. We waited for around 15 mins before we can get a seat to enjoy our favorite bat kut teh ^_^To me, bat kut teh is a very traditional soup/dish that can easily goes well with a bowl of plain rice, red chilli with sweet dark soya sauce. 

The 'old' way eating bat kut teh is with chinese doughnuts(you tiao) and chinese tea as early as in 1950s. Till now, bat kut teh is still one of our top 10 local delight that represents the chinese traditions. And Ng Ah Sio is also one of the famous brand that locals and foreigners would come visit to have a taste of original bat kut teh!

Ng Ah Sio famous dish - Signature Spare Ribs soup, Signature Pork Ribs soup, Spare and Pork Ribs Combo soup.

We ordered 2 bowls of Pork Ribs soup, 1 Pig's skin, 1 Braised Big Intestine, 1 Tang-O and 2 bowl of rice.

 Pig's Skin -  one of my favorite food. As there is a saying "these food are rich in collagen and will make your skin look ‘better and younger. They provide your skin with natural moisture which prevents the formation of wrinkles, and creates a barrier prohibiting UV rays from damaging your skin and thus prevents pigmentation. The collagen gives your skin added firmness."

Pork Ribs soup - $5.50
Pigs Skin - $2.00
Braised Big Intestine - $6.00
Tang-O - $3.00

Personally I like bat kut teh alot, especially the strong taste of pork based soup, tender pork ribs and aromatic scent of bat kut teh which attracts me to try out Ng Ah Sio - bat kut teh. The place is air-conditioned with ceiling fans, a nice place to have bat kut teh in hot weather. The soup is the peppery sort, a little brownish and slight herbal taste. Generous big portion of Pork ribs, the meat is juicy and tender. The staff are attentive and service is brisk and efficient. However, the Pig's skin was a letdown as it is still quite hard to chew and the gravy was diluted. 

For more information about Ng Ah Sio, please visit their website->Click here

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