Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vichy Event- Be fair to your skin

Attended Vichy Event on "Be fair to your skin" on 26 May 20120, 2-5 pm at Suntec Convention Centre.

My ticket to Vichy event

Food and drinks prepared by Vichy
Overwhelming response from public who is interested to know more our skin and how to take good care of against harmful factors

Vichy products at 30% off
My Vichy goodie bag

My favourite skincare from La Roche-Posay brightening moisturing lotion. Thanks Vichy for the generous goodie bag!
From this event with a talk by Dr Lawrence, I learnt that UV(UVA, UVB) rays can be very harmful to our skin as well as our health such as skin cancer. Using an appropriate SPF sun screen with appropriate amount can make a great difference. Thanks Vichy for organising this fabulous event F.O.C to the public. I am sure everyone who attended this event will benefit alot.

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  1. レイバン アビエイターのRB3025を、高校時代から愛用してきた。28歳にもなった今、レイバンが好きと言っても、同じ奴ばかりではさすがに飽きてくる。今度は他のレイバン モデルに挑戦したいと思う、レイバンに一筋だね!