Monday, February 17, 2014

Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate

For centuries, Rose (Queen of Flowers!!) , the symbol of Love & Beauty has appealed to women’s physical, sensory feel and mood. Personally, I love roses alot especially white and pink roses ^_^ They are my favourite flowers and they do give a pleasant, fresh and sweet scent.

Very honored to try Gulsha skincare product which made from flowers...especially Roses!! I am very lucky too ^_^ to be one of the week 3's Gulsha lucky winners to win 30ml Gulsha Rose Water for myself =)

There was a small box of Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate (30 ml) and a small container with some face lotion sheet mask (compressed).
Some interesting information of using Gulsha -Rose water for maximum effects!
There are five ways to use your Gülsha Damask Rose Water:

1. Apply directly to face as a balancer after cleansing.
2. As a hydrating face mask.
3. Brightening rejuvenating eye mask.
4. Convenient face mist.
5. For aromatherapy.

1. Pour Rose Water onto hand and apply directly to face or;
Pour Rose Water onto cotton pad and then apply to face using a gentle motion.

2. Soak facial mask with rose water and leave on face for about 15 minutes.

3. Have cotton pad soaked with rose water and leave on eyes for around 15 minutes. Good for dark eye circles.

4. Put into a small misting bottle. Good for use when on the move (travelling, in office, shopping etc)

5. Enjoy it as aromatherapy, as a room scenter for overall well-being and relaxation.

Founded by Mustafa Gurkan in 1965, the Gurkan family have been growing and distilling roses for many generation using Traditional Steam Distillation.
The Damask Roses bloom only once from mid-May to mid-June. Pure natural Rose Water with its rose essence at the highest percentage is then distilled drop by drop into each bottle (Every drop is precious - Simply Natural & Pure).
Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate (made in Turkey)- contains 99% natural rose extract, undiluted with water. Each bottle is delicately produced using traditional steam distillation techniques handed down through generations and contains a thousand precious Damask Roses( known as exquisite Queen of Flowers) handpicked from preciously limited yearly harvests for luxurious skin hydration and toning.
Gulsha is also featured in 女人Queen's Beauty Festival TV program Taiwan (Mandarin). 女人美妆大.
Click here to view.

I am trying out Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate on my skin. Its water...very light!!! I can see my skin through the droplets

I love this scent smelling like a bed of roses *_* its amazing, and makes me feel refreshed and instantly gives a pep.
Thanks for thoughtful idea, the package comes with a small pink container and compressed mask sheet.
I am going to use Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate as a lotion mask sheet for deep moisturing and relaxing experience.

My review:
The beautiful and delicate sweet rose fragrance is very refreshing, giving out a fresh burst of roses and not overpowering. The purity of scent smells and feels gorgeous =) When using as a mask, it absorbs quickly into the skin, soften and replenish moisture especially to the dry parts (like the cheeks area) of my skin. I love how it soothes and deeply hydrate my skin in just 1 mask! After using, my skin is deliciously dewy, fresh and vibrant!
My skin after using Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate lotion mask sheet
I would strongly recommend Gulsha - Rose Damascena Distillate to all my fellow friends, as it is a multipurpose skincare, you can achieve beautiful hydrated skin anywhere anytime! as a face mist, eye and face mask, toner etc. Light texture, natural and you are able to see results like me! =)

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