Sunday, July 15, 2012

Metholatum - Lip Gel Series

Here comes the new Mentholatum Lip gel series! There are 3 of them:
1) Metholatum  - Vitamin Lip Gel
2) Metholatum  - Q10 Lip Gel
3) Metholatum  -Hyalurinic Acid Lip Gel

They are now in the market, you can find them conveniently in Watsons ^_^ selling at $6.90. Grab yours today.

Nice packaging! Metholatum lip gel aims to provide nutrients and heals your lips to achieve youth-looking lips
Metholatum Hyaluronic Acid Lip gel
It provides intensive moisturization for your lips, effectively prevent dry, flaky, chapped lips while providing long-lasting moisturization to lips. Keep lips soft & supple
To me, hydration is always the most important and basic of all. This lip gel contains Hyaluronic Acid+Panthenol (Vitamin B5) + Collagen =)
Metholatum - Q10 Lip gel
It helps to maintain healthy youth-looking lips, improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines while keeping lips moist and soft.
I love the sweet baby pink of this Q10 lip gel =) It contains CoQ10 + Ceramide+ Maxi-lip
Metholatum - Vitamin Lip gel
It helps to protect and repairs/heal dry chapped lips
There are 4 different vitamins added to moisturise, protect, soothe and keep lips youth-looking. Vitamin A+ Vitamin B2+ Vitamin C + Vitamin E.

All the lip gels are transparent gel, I applied them day and night. Before I went to work and before I went to sleep. Woke up with smooth and soft lips, no more chapped and pale lips anymore. Now I have supply lips and goes well with my light makeup ^_^

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