Saturday, July 7, 2012

6-day BRANDS - Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken Trial

Saw the 6-say BRANDS Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken trial promotion in Watson facebook.
Hooray! Finally I received an email from them that I am one of the lucky ones to take part in this trial program.Thanks BRANDS and Watson Singapore.

Posted in Watson Facebook page!

Receive a box (6 bottles) of BRANDS - Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken (BTEC). Cool~
We all know that Tangkwei is good for ladies, but how good is it? What are the benefits to us? Not many people know especially the youngsters.

1) Promotes blood circulation and restores blood loss
2) Trusted for generations as a remedy for pre-menstrual symptoms and menstrual irregularities
3) Rich in nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2 , E and iron, as well as magnesium
BTEC is essential to us! Just a small bottle like this helps us to maintain healthy body through restoration of blood loss every month, moreover with vitamins that are good for our body.
I am on my way to experience this myself through BTEC.

My first bottle of BTEC, warm in my palm ^_^
Time flies, I have completed! 6 bottles of BTEC in 6 consecutive days
BTEC, Success! *Thumbs Up*

My review:

I have never try out Essence of Chicken before. I used to hear from my friends/ peers that Essence of Chicken does not have a good taste, some even say its very bitter. This is my first attempt to try it out BTEC after reading the information stated in the BTEC brochures found at various watson stores that it would improve pre-menstrual symptoms. This attracts my attention. =) that I decided to give it a try and participate in BTEC trial program.

1) I am excited about it upon receiving Brands - BTEC. During this 6- days BTEC trial program, I used hot water to make BTEC warm and drank it every morning before I went work for 6 consecutive days. Usually in the morning, I will look tired but after drinking warm BTEC for a few days, I feel more refresh and energetic as compared to before started this trial program. As an IT analyst, I need to use computer for long hours till late night, drinking BTEC is really like an energy boost to me, it brighten up my day and helps me to stay focus and confident at work even my colleagues and friends notice that my 'face color' looks better even though I didn't apply much makeup ^_^
2) I experienced some improvements BTEC did for my premenstrual discomforts that had been bothering me for years! Usually during my 1st & 2nd day of my period, I will have abdominal pain and more severe cases is diarrhea which greatly affected my mood, I am easily frustrated and moody that I need to take a rest on bed for a while and put something warm on my stomach to ease the pain before I can do anything. After I took BTEC, my abdominal pain is lesser and shorter it took than before. I can quickly return back to myself, my work/activities without absence and frustrations. I can happily enjoy my time with friends and loved ones! Brands - BTEC is effective and it really works for me! I will continue taking BTEC to build up a more healthy and energetic body most importantly finally I can be free from premenstrual discomforts every month. I will certainly recommend Brands -BTEC to my BFF(s).

Thanks to Watson facebook and Brands! for organizing this 6-day BRANDS - Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken Trial program that helps me to discover this good product for all ladies!
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