Monday, June 4, 2012

The Body shop - Olive Beautifying Oil

Beautifying Oils contain a special blend of three lightweight nut oils:


In order to earn an income from Marula Oil, all the women need is a marula tree, a rock to crack the nut, a needle to pick out the kernels, and a lifetime of patient practice. The 5000 members of Eudafano Women’s Co-operative in Namibia each have these in abundance, helping to pay for school fees and the healthcare needs of their families.


The kukui nut is also known as the candle nut.  In ancient Hawaii, kukui nuts were burned to provide light.  The nut casing is very hard with a high oil content, which allowed its perfect use as a candle.


Derived from the sweet almond tree which belongs to the rose family, which also includes the cherry, peach, plum and apricot, it is known for giving hair shine and luster and giving skin a healthy glow.

Beautifying Oils are available in 4 of our favourite The Body Shop product fragrances:

•    Shea
•    Moringa
•    Olive
•    Strawberry

The Body shop - Olive Beautifying Oil
Press release 3rd May 2012
The NEW Beautifying Oils from Body Shop are multi-purpose dry oils for body, face and hair.  They instantly moisturise, smooth and illuminate, thanks to the pampering blend of three precious nut oils and offer moisturisation benefits up to 8 hours! Contrary to beliefs that oils are greasy for our humid weather, beautifying oils offer 3 benefits that will leave you loving them!

My skin before applying beautifying oil

Just 2 drops of Olive Beautifying oil on my skin
Spread softly and evenly on skin to keep them hydrated and moisturised
THE BODY SHOP Beautifying Oils instantly moisturise, smooth and illuminate.
THE BODY SHOP Beautifying Oils featuring at Teenage magazine
My review: I always use body lotion on my skin after shower to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised. This is my first using THE BODY SHOP beautifying oil, as I always prefer light-weight textured products and dislike sticky and greasy feeling after use. However, after trying Olive Beautifying oil, it really change my opinion towards beautifying oils. It not only smoothes my skin, it also absorbed instantly without leaving my skin oily/sticky feeling and give a healthy glow. It also has wonderful scent like some flowery scent, really enjoy this first time experience and it is suitable to use on dry areas like elbows and knees, I am using it daily ^_^

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