Monday, October 10, 2011

Benico Hot mask - Rice

Ever tried hot mask before? Me too, this is my first time!
Soak mask under warm water around for 5 mins.

My skin before using the mask:

Opening Benico Rice hot mask after around 15 mins (ready to use):

Looking into the packet can see the mask contains all the nutritious essence :

Benico hot mask on my face :

After using Benico hot mask :

My review :
I like the warm sensation when the mask on my face. Its really a totally different experience compare to other masks I have tried before. My skin feels silky-soft, even-toned and instantly hydrated right after using the mask. My skin looks brighter and healthier as it absorbs quickly into skin, with no greasy residue, no stickiness and helps to nourish my skin for a more youthful looking complexion.
Highly recommended to all my friends!

Its affordable and you can feel the difference!

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