Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benico 3D Sheet Mask

Benico 3D masks are made in Korea, formulated with different skin-friendly natural extracts, each with their own unique skin care properties to meet different needs of individuals.

My skin before using the Benico mask:

Benico 3D mask - Aloe (Skin Elasticity)

Formulated with Aloe extract and enhanced with the following:
1) Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate - prevents acne and outbreaks
2) Vitamin E & Collagen - For firmer and smoother skin
3) Hamamelis Extract - Tightens skin and pores

The opening is at the bottom of the mask:

Mask with concentrated essence:

After opening the mask, apply on my face:

My skin after leaving Benico Aloe Mask for about 20 mins:

My review: I like the light-scented and the fabric (100% natural pulp) of this mask especially applying directly on my face after chilling the mask. Its a pleasant experience, very cooling and relaxing. It absorbed quickly and left a smooth finish after I gently massage my face with the remaining essence. This gave me instant results, my skin feel well-hydrated and I feel more refreshed! Cool !

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