Monday, August 15, 2011

Skinfactory Aqua Ampoule Mask

Trying to save your skin from dehydration and want instantly hydrated skin?

Skinfactory Aqua Ampoule Mask is here for you:

Take a look at the content of the mask:

Skinfactory Aqua Ampoule Mask : Protect and keep your skin moist. It moisturizes and protect skin from Dryness. Suitable for sensitive skin effectively boost & lock the moisture content and stabilizes the bond ability of water in the skin to hydrates & restores suppleness.

My pic with Skinfactory Aqua Ampoule Mask on:

My review after using Skinfactory Aqua Ampoule Mask:
I like the texture of this mask, silky soft texture and it helps to cool down and soothes the sensitive and redness of my skin. It helps in promoting blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells - All-in-One! I really enjoy this pampering experience , I feel my skin well-hydrated and more supple the next morning!

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