Monday, November 19, 2012

Tupperware Carnival Event in Singapore!!

Biggest Tupperware Carnival Event 2012 happening in Singapore!! Thanks Jessie for informing me about this event, glad to attend this event with fellow bloggers and of cos with Tupperware friendly staff!

Event details:
10 Nov 2012, Saturday
9.45 am - 11 am
Ngee Ann city -Civic Plaza

Tupperware Registration counter at Ngee Ann city -Civic Plaza

Lion dance performance for ribbon cutting ceremony

Ribbon cutting ceremony starting .....

Exciting Lion dance performance, everyone is enjoying. Keep Keep hooray!
Tupperware brands : Nutrimetics, Naturcare, NanoNature, TupperChef and TupperClean

After the ceremony, a warm welcome introduction =)
Tupperware Brands believes in "Changing lives, one at a time", together raising funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, where we aim to give every child a promising future. Part proceed from the sales of Eco items will be donated.

A token of appreciation from Tupperware Marketing management
A list of programs organized by Tupperware, have a fruitful and exciting day!

Tupperware brands - Nutimetics

Bestow the gift of enduring beauty. Apricot range - Nourishes skin today and tomorrow

Spice up with a burst of colour with Nutrimetics make up products

Tupperware - NaturCare health products

1) NaturCare Organic Lacto-fiber is your best travelling "partner" during year end season. Total health solution to restore your body function, fill up your fiber gap, naturally! NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber 300gm - $66.00

2) Uncover youthful radiance, stop aging with NaturCare -BerryGen. NaturCare BerryGen 15 gm *20 - $110.00.
Very thoughtful of tupperware to have a Eco Corner for the kids as well =)

Tupperware items for household usage and utensils
Be cool for school. Begin the new school year with favorite Disney characters - Mickey and Minnie,  kids would definitely love bringing them to school =)
Before using Tupperware....your cabinet may look like this. Disorganized, untidy and food may tend to lose its freshness =(

After using Tupperware, take a look again. Isn't it more neat and tidy? Keep everything, organized and accessible. Very convenient - Sort, stack & store!! You can easily identify the food you are looking for and they are still fresh!

Conversation about Tupperware Brands Eco Living sets to present the extensive range of eco living solutions for all from food storage, water filtration, wellness and beauty

Tupperware Brands - NanoNature Water Filtration System. Good health begins with clean water
NanoNature - Clean, Clear, Quality water straight from the Tap. NanoNature water Filtration system filters, purifies and enhance water with beneficial minerals. With breakthrough Nano-technology, this 3-stage filtration gives you quality water=)

Thanks Tupperware for the generous Tupperware goodie bag =) I can use them in my home or office as water bottle and containers to store my favorite food/ biscuits.
 Thanks Tupperware for this wonderful event and we had a great time knowing more about Tupperware brands and how they can help us to improve our daily lifestyle.


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