Sunday, October 14, 2012

Covermark - Moisture Veil LX workshop

Was invited by cozycot to attend Covermark - Moisture Veil LX workshop held at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Level 8, room 834 (10am-12 pm)

Covermark - Moisture Veil LX workshop with attentive participants
Some brochures about Covermark - Moisture Veil LX and other skincare/ makeup products

Jeraldine giving a brief introduction to invited guests of Covermark

Here come our main focus of this workshop ...*drums* Covermark - Moisture Veil LX!!!

One of the best selling Covermark products - Covermark deep cleansing oil
210 ml - $65
420 ml - $110

Covermark assistant to let us try out cleansing oil and to remove our makeup. It cleanse well, yet not harsh to the skin, No irritation and act as a moisturizing agent to soften skin

After using Covermark Cleansing oil to remove my makeup, ready for next step!!

Next step of cleansing is to use Covermark Mineral wash (face wash)
125 g - $50

Latter Covermark mineral wash to foam ...thanks Covermark assistance for kind considerations

Take a look at this.....Covermark mineral wash foam is rich and double cleansing power!!

My skin after using Covermark mineral wash feel clean and non-drying ^_^ Skin become brighter and more smoother!!

Covermark next star product: Cell Advanced lotion.
150 ml - $160

With just 1 pump of Cell Advanced lotion, is enough for the entire face =)

After applying lotion, next step of the regime is Serum!! Covermark Cell Advanced Serum selling 40 ml - $210

Take a look at the milky cell advanced serum....

My skin after applying Covermark is more hydrated and refined =)

Mini mask from Covermark....Thanks!!! As part of the goodie bag...there is also 1-piece of Covermark Cell Advanced mask sheet.

Before applying foundation, its always good to apply a makeup base. Covermark Connecting base
38 ml (SPF 38 PA+++) - $65 for smooth texture and outstanding long lasting effect

My perfect Covermark - Moisture Veil LX MN20

After applying Covermark - Moisture Veil LX and some touch up and I am ready to go for my day.

Thanks Cozycot for the invitation and we really enjoyed ourselves with better understanding of Covermark skincare and makeup products. After using Covermark products, I looked more refresh and they really enhanced my complexion and I see my skin glowing with radiance =) My skin has improved and my skin tone is brighter and smooth.

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